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    Damn it, Canadian guy who was a swimming instructor at some point, why do you always go swimming on the same days as I want to? I can never make myself go swimming when you’re there because you will try to teach me how to improve my front crawl or ask me questions and try to talk to me and I don’t want to talk to anyone I just want to swim!

    And I was really looking forward to my swim tonight, as well, and you were there and my heart sank because I knew that if I got in the pool you would ask me questions about my friends’ whereabouts and I don’t need any more reminders that my prime swimming buddy has moved out of town for uni and won’t be accompanying me any more!

    Fucking ARRRRGH!!! I am in such a bad mood now and I didn’t even go through any of this and YES I know that he might not do this and YES I know that if I just keep swimming, just keep swimming, he won’t get a chance to bug me but at some point I will need to take a breather or I might accidentally inhale a load of water and need to stop at the end of the pool and in that moment he will appear and be all friendly and helpful! YES I AM BEING VERY ANTI-SOCIAL but I don’t care I just wanted to swim.

    I just wanted to swim. Everyone else at the pool keeps to themselves. I just wanted to swim. ;_____;

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    #pool  #go away  #no I don't want lessons  #stop it  #stop helping me  #just keep swimming  #swimming  #swim 
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